“WHY” Do You Ask?

If you are like most network marketers, and I’m like most of them, at some point somebody has asked what your “Why” is.  You know what I mean, why are you doing this, why did you join the business, why do you want to do this?  There has to be a reason right?

A lot of people don’t know how to answer that question, in fact a bunch of them didn’t even know they needed a “Why”, and now they have a problem.  You see what has happened is they were ready to get going in the business, or possibly already off to a good start, and now they slam on the brakes to figure out their “Why”.

People are told they need:
*  “A Why until they cry”,
*  To get focused, the Eye of an Eagle
*  The heart of a lion
*  Get 100 no’s
*  Toughen up; get the skin of a rhino
*  And all of the other over used clichés.

Then they tell you need to get trained, that you need skills, you need to memorize scripts, learn “special” words and saying things like “you need to become a student of the industry and get educated.”

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says you need to build a Burning Desire backed by a Definiteness of Purpose.   Basically, if you have the desire, know your purpose, and believe it will happen, you cannot fail, providing you have a plan and follow it.

Here’s the million dollar question;
“Where do you start, what do you need first?”

Some people will tell you to learn the skills, others will say you need to know why you are doing it.  Then there are those that tell you to follow the plan that everyone else on the team is using.

And then….. There are those people that tell you several, if not all of these things are needed to be successful.  First they tell you that you need skills, then when you have the skills the reason it’s not working is you need a plan, then you need desire.

The bottom line?  If you think you need skills, go learn some skills; If you think you need a “Why”, go write it out;  If you think you need to get tougher skin or more focused, go do that. If you listen to the self-proclaimed experts all they’ll do is confuse you, or give you another assignment to work on to keep you busy for a while.

If you need some skills here’s a place for free skills tips.

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