Crush the Opposition – Week 21 MKMMA

One of the things a lot of people want is to look out for is the little guy, the underdog, those that are looked as being second best.  They have a certain amount of empathy towards, and tend to cheer them on when they are face-to-face with the overwhelming favorite.

Do you see that a problem; is that the correct mindset to have?

If you are rooting for a sports team, or someone working hard to create a better life for themselves, it’s probably okay.  However, if you are looking to improve yourself and your life you want to get over that cheering for the “small” and start rooting for the “big”.

Would you rather have mediocrity or massive success?  Most people are complacent and happy with the status quo, until it’s too late and impacts them.  Then they get mad and blame everyone else for the situation they are in, and the fact is they are exactly where they have been “rooting” for themselves to be.

Think small and you get small results.

It really doesn’t matter if you are considered the underdog.  You see the reason the underdogs achieve greatness is not because other people are rooting for them, and there’s a little secret behind their success.  You are probably wondering what I mean, it’s simple; winners do what losers don’t, they never give up.

You’re probably thinking “What going to be easier, thinking BIG and getting BIG results, or staying right where I am at.  Most people end up dissatisfied and unhappy because they either just let whatever will happen to just happen.

This is thinking small, this is rooting yourself to failure and never reaching or exceeding what you deserve in life.

Whatever we focus on, whatever we hold in our minds eye, what we visualize, can happen and will happen if you do one small thing………………..“THINK BIG”….. if you think big thoughts you will get big results.

We become what we think about.

~ Earl Nightingale

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