Week 12 – Down The Rathole

Some time ago I heard the phrase “Learn How to Think, Not What to Think,” and in Week 12 I was reminded of that saying again.  But…….this time I had a completely different perspective on the “How to Think” part of the phrase I heard from a wonderful wizard.
It’s really easy for most people to let their mind wander and when they do it is easy for negative thoughts to get in.  I have heard; stop the negative thinking, they are too negative, they are down the “Rat Hole”, why would anyone want to associate with them, they are so negative, and on and on until like so many other people I began to believe it.

Yep, I had negative thoughts, I was down the rat hole, because that’s what I was thinking.  You see I was constantly exposed to it.

Al I ever heard was; this company is no good, that one has a bad pay plan, the owners of that company are snakes, bunch of crooks, scammers, they’re not a enough pillars company, that person is not following the recipe (probably not all bad because it is based on a lot of negativity), they have an agenda, and that’s just the foundation of this deal.


Now for the real bombshell, reading The Master Key Week 12, specifically paragraph 14, blew me away.  One of the things that I had been exposed to was this so called “visualization exercise” that was basically thought transference or telepathy.

Here’s what stopped me cold, this practice is deemed harmful as it requires the receiver of the images and thought to be in a negative mental state, just more negativity, you can’t make this up, it’s real, and it is being taught to a lot of people.

Just like in the Wizard or Oz, we are probably best to not pay attention to the guy behind the curtain, we’ll never learn how to think if we do.

Most people really try to keep positive, but they don’t know how, so they stay stuck in the negative mindset.  I don’t think anyone would do this to others intentionally, it’s obviously probably that they just don’t know better.

“Learn How to Think” ………… great concept, but unless each of us works on “How to Think” for ourselves it won’t happen.  Nobody can tell us how, we must learn ourselves, and make the change ourselves.

The Master Key System is the vehicle to keep us moving down the highway on our personal journey’s, we just need to get in and follow the rules of the road.

The Journey Continues……….

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member
~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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4 Responses to Week 12 – Down The Rathole

  1. WOW Doug, you hit the nail on the head and you brought it home by stating that we need to learn HOW TO THINK!!

  2. And it continues in week 15, learning to use insight (a method of thinking?) to apply knowledge and take positive actions and avoid obstacles or at least be ready to handle them. Great post!

    I believe sometimes we pick up an idea from the Universal Mind at the same time as someone we are in harmony with picks it up. But that’s very different from intentionally putting yourself in “receive mode” to accept whatever the other person (and NOT the Universal Mind) wants to send.

    Can you say “brainwash?”

  3. Great post Doug,
    Like Vikki, I agree we have to Learn To Think for Ourselves.
    We’ve accepted through the subconscious mind everything from
    parents, teachers, family, friends, TV, Radio……on & on.

    We have to Make a Choice for Ourselves what We Want to store
    in our Minds to Move Us Forward.

    This week is catch up week for me.
    Thanks so much for sharing your Great Break Through today.
    You will be able to help many.

    So How Do You Personally Feel about Your Company, Plan Etc.?
    When we Truly Know We’re in the Right Place, the rest does Come to us.

    Thanks again. Keep Growing & sharing. You’re Very Encouraging.
    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

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