Week 11 – It’s that thing inside again……

Here we go again.

Isn’t interesting that we always come back to the same basic things, our thoughts, or that old saying, “We Become What We Think About. “  Unless we dominate our thoughts with what we want the old junk gets right back in.  Most people have to notice that when they let up even just a little, that something happens that they don’t like.

Keeping the negative thoughts out can be tough, but we have learned the benchmark, it is7-seconds.  If we allow anything that bothers us, like that jerk on the cell phone driving in front of us shoving French fries in his face, bother us for more than 7-seconds, we have to start our “mental diet” over again.

I supposed if it was easy everyone would be doing this MKMMA and sticking with it.  I think that a lot of years that I finally got the 5-second rule thing figured out, and now comes along something new, now I have to worry about the 7-second rule.  If I mess it up, I suppose a couple more seconds of something lying on the ground won’t kill me, and heck all the better if I stop letting something bother me in 5-seconds or less the mental diet ting will be easier.  But I got to say, sometimes you just have to start the diet over even for something as small as a “penny”.

One of the things that we have learned is about “peptides”,  and their need to be fed, and just how they control our programming.  As long as we work on feeding ourselves with the right things, thoughts, attitudes, and surrounding ourselves with other like minded people we put ourselves in a better place to change and move towards our goals.  I guess the hard work must be paying off, some people seem to think that I live in Wonder World.  I’ve been asked “how come everything is so nice and wonderful in “your world?”  I guess I hadn’t noticed the change, haven’t had the time with all the extra work I’ve been doing, but other people have.  That’s I great sign things are going in the right direction.

If that wasn’t working out I was about to switch to “Plan B”, not sure it will work but I could “test it’ and find out.  Most people keeping an open mind would hope that two tablespoons a day might just do the trick, but honestly some won’t, you know the type….. they’ll just give up on Plan A and waste time watching TV and surfing the internet.

For now I’ll keep an open mind and stick to Plan A, so it’s probably time to be like most people and read the 7 Laws of the Mind, and then to find some Aborigines’ named Bob that need some new shoes.

The Journey Continues……….
We believe in you.
Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member
~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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6 Responses to Week 11 – It’s that thing inside again……

  1. mark j says:

    Peptide Bismol…..?

    Wish I’d thought of that 🙂

    Are you sure you are a green? Your style, humor and wisdom about human nature makes me wonder…..Doug, this is a transformational blog…….astounding

    mark j

  2. Great post Doug. Can’t believe the power of pictures.
    Keep up the Journey & Sharing.
    Very encouraging.
    Agape’ Darlene

  3. William Woodworth says:

    Hi all, another brain expander. Exercise Mind/Peptides = GROWTH. BE BLESSED & SAFE THROUGHOUT THIS HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS SEASON, AND NEW YEAR. BILLW.

  4. Yes, I often say, ‘It’s not learning the new stuff that’s the challenge for me. It’s unlearning the old stuff.’ Those Peptides are not giving up their control easily.

    I’m so pleased that you are seeing the payoff. We in MKMMA are moving in the right direction. You’ve impacted many people’s lives including mine.

    I appreciate & believe in you Doug.

  5. You are a writer extraordinaire, Doug. I am inspired and honored to be on this journey with you (albeit unofficially). However, I qualify simply as a fellow human being on this journey called life with everyone else on earth. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights.
    In health, abundance, and gratitude,

  6. Lisa Anderson says:

    Definitely “un-learning” the old stuff is my challenge. Great post Doug!

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