(Part 2 of a 3 part series)
Do you want a System or is Success good enough?


How Much of Your Time is Really That Productive?

One thing the magic system and its training never taught me was about the time thing.  You know what we mean, how much do I need, how to best manage or schedule it, when is the best time to do it, what should I be doing once it was scheduled.

Then I found out………………

If you can’t build a large business in about 2 hours per day you are doing it wrong.


You mean all those hours on Facebook and Twitter were not needed?  All the Traffic Exchanges and clicking for credits were not really necessary?

Holy Crap!

Don’t agree?  Go find the top earners from several companies and then look them up on Facebook, and then check and see how many of them are playing pen-pal with all of their “friends” .  Find out how many of them are messaging others with the objective of getting them to  look at their business opportunity.  Zippo!  Nada!

The magic guru promises to train and mentor people, they set up the training calls 3,4,5 nights a week, so that people have a place to come and be part of “something”.  So what happens is that people spend all these hours each week not building their business, and they are not learning the real skills they need to be successful.

They get told, go find people on the web, drive them to your site, get more people to talk to, get them in the system and let the system do the work…. quack quack quack.

Now to be fair, they are learning some skills, however, the skills they learn are how to promote the “magic system” and how to get people to do the same thing.   But lets be honest, it does nothing to build your business.

After a period of time, they are given the privilege, that is once they are “qualified” to join the guru in the special club, aka their MLM Company.  Over night they are magically anointed as a  “Leader” without ever being shown how to lead.  B as in “B”, and S as in “S”………..everybody knows leadership is not assumed or given, true leadership is earned.

The gurus understand that people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, so they tell them they will be part of a team, a community of “like minded” people working together.  People that have never had any success because they never learned any skills are willing to try anything, and they use that to their advantage.   That’s how people get sucked in.

More money out the door…… But the Wizard Guru is happy, and “Excited” you are in!!

We have the magic system from the guru, we are in the guru’s downline, so it’s only a matter of time and we’ll be in the big money right?  All we have to do it believe in ourselves, have the eye of the tiger, never quit, never give up, and we’ll make it to the top.

There’s a dirty little secret though, nobody wants to openly admit that it’s really not working for them.  Sure, they may have received some recognition, and people think they are making the big money, but the truth is most people in these systems are to embarrassed to admit they are not.

Everything is hush hush, top secret stuff for only the inner circle of people.  Now you are probably thinking, what is this Dirty Secret that nobody publicly talks about?

Well….stay tuned.




We Believe in You!
Doug Karnuth

PS. July 14th —> Go90Grow

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  1. Jim Story says:

    Great post Doug. I wonder who this could be LOL? The other double standard is in our “magical e-book” there is no spillage, but we have placement. I am not against placement but don’t tell me one thing and do another. Looking forward to the dirty little sectret.

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