Global Warming and the Magical Duplication Systems

We’re sick and tired of Gurus talking about their Magical Systems that will build your business for you, all you need to do is enter your credit card information at the bottom of the page and the checks start rolling in.’re also sick and tired of the global warming fanatics too; it was 14 degrees below zero this morning at my house.  The official temperature was -11 at the airport, but I don’t live at the airport, I live in the real world.

In the real world people always look for the easy way out, the silver bullet, the lottery mentality, I think you probably know what I mean.  The self-proclaimed Gurus talk all about their “Proven Duplicable Systems” and even parade their so called “Success Stories” in front of everyone as proof of their successful systems working, and that they are duplicating to the masses.

There’s an old saying; “We always end up at the truth, so wouldn’t it be easier to just start with the truth?”

So would it be okay if we shared the real truth with you? the years we’ve tried a number of these systems to try and speed of the growth of our teams, had some minor success using them, and we were even recognized as one of those wonderful success stories.   The Truth?  Sure we brought people into the business, but even showing them step by step how we were using the magic system it didn’t duplicate.  The bottom line was those that came in through the so called duplicable system paid their monthly fee to the gurus for a few months, and then quit.

Interestingly enough the people that didn’t use the magic systems had better luck, and stayed around the business for a long time.

The big difference?  SKILLS.

You see Duplication is Caught, it’s not taught, and it’s definitely not a silver bullet.

You don’t have to take my word for it, grab the latest skill, Duplication is Caught, Not Taught, and we’ll send you some additional free skills to boot.

So you might be wondering what Duplicable Systems and Global Warming have in common, it’s simply this; People believe in both of them, and they will whatever they can to convince you they exist, that they are real, for the sole purpose of furthering their own causes, for their own personal benefit.  Think we’re wrong?  Try getting cozy with either one, then see how long it takes before they ask you for money, just sayin’….

If you want to believe in Duplicable Systems, good luck!

If you want to believe in Global Warming, all I’m saying is “Baby it’s cold outside” !!

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