The Daily Workout – Week 8

Everybody knows that it is important to get into an exercise routine and to stick with it.

Most of the time people plan a trip to the fitness center, a daily walk, or working out at home on their own with programs like P90x.

The fact is, while these things are great for the physical body, but what about the most important muscle?  You know what I’m talking about, that muscle between your ears.

Golfers have known for a long time that is the hardest part of the game to master, and the reason why so few stay at the top for a very long time.  Need proof?  Look at Tiger Woods and his 2010 season, with all the distractions he went from the most feared golfer on the PGA Tour to an average or below golfer, the mental edge he had was no longer a factor.

There are all kinds of so called “easy” ways to get the mental edge, take a pill 3 times a day, go through a series of questions and answers, or join a bunch of people that are told if you talk about your feelings your brain will be cleansed and you are magically a critical thinker.

Are you ready for the truth?  There is no magic pill or potion, and talking about all the negative stuff will only get you more negative stuff.  Well, have you ever heard the saying “You become what you think about?”  Get off of the mental treadmill, listening to all the negativity is only going to get you more of the same.

So what would be easier for you in moving towards your dreams, listening to all the so called problems everyone has, or learning how to do mental push ups, how to exercise your brain, so that you get a different outcome?

Is it easy to do?  Of course it is.  But why do most people not succeed in doing it?
Simply this, they don’t know how.

Good news!!

Everyone can learn how, The Master Key System and the Master Mind Alliance are simply the baby step approaches to systematically change your old habits and focus on the things you have no control over.  The MKMMA builds your beliefs, and nobody wants to listen to other peoples problems and what is wrong with everything.

Obviously by changing your thoughts, by exercising your brain, you can put your mind in the best shape possible to help you succeed.  This approach is no different than the physical exercise that will put your body in the best condition for optimal health.

The Journey Continues……….

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member
~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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5 Responses to The Daily Workout – Week 8

  1. I love the brain drawings, too funny! I love the process but I think my brain gets sore from this work just like my muscles are sore from lifting weights LOL 🙂 It has been a long time – maybe never before? – since I concentrated so hard on anything for so long!

  2. Diane Shinstock says:

    I LOVE your post! The reality is laid out so simply. Yet most of us never heed the advice. I’m glad we’re on this journey together. ~ Diane

  3. Thanks Doug,
    I am going to get a brain massage, ouch!

  4. Funny Doug, I think sometimes my brain is trying to JUMP OFF the treadmill! Exercise, pratice, exercise, practice!!

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