SUSPECTS – All MLM Leads are created equal

Everybody is looking for more leads, more prospects, but all they can find are Suspects, a name, maybe a phone number, and an email address.  As Dr Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”

I’m wondering how many times today you got pitched on someone’s deal via email, on Facebook, Twitter, or a link was posted on your blog or website.

If you’re like most people, and I’m like most people, it gets pretty old to continually get pitched day after day…. It really wears me out

I can stand people that stand in the front of the virtual room tossing their stuff to all the peons in the back of the room that don’t have a clue, they have the best idea or deal to join and they have no regard for anyone else.

By doing this we’ve joined the rank of spammers, and are simply trying to hypnotize everyone into buying our ideas or to join our deal.  Let’s just fling it out to the world and hope is sticks.

This mass marketing approach requires average ideas, you essentially don’t need to think, just fling out a bunch of advertisements and somebody is bound to get mesmerized and join our deal.

Just because you’re going to the masses with a bunch of ads, people somehow think they’ll create duplication.  Well, unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well anymore.
The World’s Laziest Networker gave some great tips on how to NOT throw up all over people in a recent blog titled:  How To Get MLM Leads With Social Media, Free

You can check out the first skill from Mark Januszewski by just clicking the image below you are one of the people that missed go90grow in 2011 you can learn about the 2012 event that a lot of people have been waiting for.  The first video is here

We Believe in You!

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