Say a lot without saying a lot

Have you ever noticed how most people respond when a prospect asks them a question? They go into this long drawn out explanation about their magic product, the patented compensation plan, or the company’s leaders being good family people, and that they have multiple families to prove it!!

In a recent blog post, The World’s Laziest Networker, said a lot without saying a lot.  Believe me, when Mark Januszewski gets on the bully pulpit he can say a lot…… And a lot…… And a lot.

Now don’t misunderstand me, the things he says are spot on, and not the bull crap lies the self-proclaimed gurus of MLM spew.  And holy cow, the information he shares goes on and on.  If you are the analytical type person like me, trying to grasp all that he says in one sitting, is like trying to drink from a fire hose when you are thirsty and not get wet.


Everybody in Network Marketing has heard the expression; “We have two ears and one mouth”, so essentially we are supposed to listen to what others are saying, and not talk all the time or interrupt them when they are speaking.


Less than a year ago I was on a call with a prospect, I had my sponsor, who is very successful and well known in the industry listening in while I was doing the Step 3 call.  Everything was going just the way the Skills Training teaches us, and then, I got a text message on my cell phone, from my sponsor who was listening on the call.  The message said, “come over the top”.  I thought what the heck does that mean, that wasn’t in the paint by numbers training…..

So I responded with “Huh ?”.

The reply said; “They are telling you they want to join, tell them you want them on the team, and then use the “invisible close story”.

I used the invisible close story, just like Mark J talks about on his blog, and it told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and it wasn’t about the plan, the product, or the company.  Bingo!  They joined.

It’s not about overwhelming them with information, or trying to show them how much you know about the plan, product, or the company, it’s about telling them the story of what they need to do in order to be successful in the business.

In fact, if you tell them all about the plan, product, and the company, they will think they have to learn and memorize all of the stuff you just told them.  They will possibly be overwhelmed by it and not join.  If they do join, they will duplicate exactly what you taught them and how they came into the business, so why not teach them the way that teaches the correct behaviors.
How important are Skills? 

Listen to what Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says

There’s two types of people, those that learn the skills, what to say and do, and those that help fulfill the Big Al predictions for 2012:

Prediction #3 – Inexperienced networkers who can’t sponsor people will jump to a new company, hoping that will fix their lack of skills. Again they will be sadly disappointed. Switching companies is not the secret of success.

So as 2011 is winding down, and you head into 2012, grab some of the free skills, and learn how to be a great story teller.


Doug Karnuth


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