People are already getting results with Go90Grow

Just wanted to let you know the 2nd video [free, course], is up at

The feedback is astonishing, check it out for yourself.

We’re already hearing from people about amazing results people are getting from the skill in video 2
….people are getting ‘yes’ in less than 20 seconds to looking at their deal.

Let’s face it, if we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills and
Go90grow is a skill based training series.

Check it out…..I’ve put a few of the hundreds of comments below my signature

To Your Success,

Doug Karnuth

Here’s just a few of the hundreds of comments….

Rodney Wren · Energy Consultant at Ambit Energy
Hey Mark great training. I started using your techniques this week and have already seem much better response rate.
I’m am working hard on improving my skills. Can’t wait for the next video.

Pastor Bob Bellingar · Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Pastor Bob here! WOW! I have never had anyone put this to me in the manner you did.
I am going to make the statement to as many people as I meet this coming week,
which begins tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear much more. No one taught these
techniques in four years of college, three years of seminary and 31 years as a pas tor, 10 years in marketing.

Earl N Williams Jr · DeVry Chicago
Mark, It seems as if you have been in my head, about what I have been feeling, thanks for the great information.
I had to watch the second video again, there was so much there. You really hit how I have been
feeling about getting on the phone. I can’t wait to start using this latest skill. Have a great day!

Jeffrey Hicks · Top Commenter · Palm Springs High School
Mark’s training is top notch. He is a man with heart and cares about doing things responsibly.
I started using the skills from Marks mentor and began getting an 85-90% response rate.
Mark’s training took it to the next level so I could put it all together and use all the pieces of the puzzle
to create the masterpiece with integrity and heart. This is something every “Networker” should participate in.
Thank you Mark!

Kim Jones  Woburn, Massachusetts
I almost stopped the video to come down here and leave a comment. That is how eager I am
to see/listen to your teachings. Mark, I am laughing out loud to parts of these videos. I am also learning so much.
I understand exactly how to proceed. I will be viewing and re-viewing all this information. I feel so different
about bringing in prospects. I have several lists of phone numbers, hundreds of them, that I have been afraid to call.
I think this is part procrastination and part knowing that I feel like I am going to ruin the lead. Simply because
I have not known what to say, how to say it. You are giving me the confidence that I know
I have been lacking. I am committed to becoming a Nancy. Will keep you updated, thanks so much.

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