Is “Over Delivery” a Problem?

Under Promise & Over Deliver

Everyone has heard the expression “Under Promise & Over Deliver”, but how many people actually practice that?  Unfortunately not enough….. most people do just enough to get by, it’s the an hour’s pay for an hour’s work.  How many people really get ahead with that approach?  NONE. ZIPPO. NADA. ZILCH.

Isn’t it interesting today how a lot of stuff is measured by a point in time?  We have just-in-time delivery; we pay bills online, just in time, we show up for meetings and appointments, just in time.  We have the express lane in stores, on the freeway, and we have express mail.

How can there be any Over Delivery if everything is at the bare minimum, or basically… just in time?  There can’t be any Over Delivery when everyone just conforms with the rest of society.  That’s as big a problem today in our society as anything, too many people are just coasting along, and average is just accepted.

Going the Extra Mile

I found out about Go90Grow several months ago and quickly learned what “Going the Extra Mile” really meant.  The Fabulous Davene and mark j [aka The World’s Laziest Networker] not only talked about it, they practice what they teach, and Go90Grow is a world class approach to teaching people how to build their business of choice, and become a better person along the way, by “Going the Extra Mile”.

Everybody knows that Network Marketing requires skills, and you just can’t expect instant success.  In fact, mark j frequently talks about W. Clement Stone, whom he had the privilege to work with early in his career.  The Success System that Never Fails is a great book that everyone should read at some point on their journey.

If you are not aware, W. Clement Stone was a good friend of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and was more instrumental in Hill making a lot of money than most of the other people Hill met along the way to his success.  Hill frequently talked about “Going the Extra Mile”, and the fact until you learn to give more of yourself to others, you cannot get anymore in return than you put out.

Earl Nightingale probably put it best when he talked about the guy that stood in front of the wood stove and said, “Give me heat, and then I’ll put the wood in.”  You must go get the wood and build for yourself, and invariably warm others along the way.  Doing the extra little things make a big difference.

There’s No Traffic

Mark J frequently points out that it’s not crowded on the extra mile, because most people don’t go there.  It’s work people; that’s why it’s called NetWORK Marketing. If you think you can build a business by pointing and clicking, using some fancy-dancy system, or have someone read “the magical tell all ebook,” you are road kill, toast, deep-six, not a chance.  Interestingly enough there is no road kill on the extra mile, because there is no traffic.

Where is the Extra Mile?

Go90Grow has been in such high demand that mark j is going to run another class in May 2012, and you can learn all about it for free starting soon.  We will have some videos to share with you and your team, and webcast times and dates will be announced shortly after that.


If you want to be among to first to hear about the times and dates, we’ll let you know real soon, just leave your email address here

Remember, the only people that you will meet on the extra mile are the successful ones, we hope to see you there.

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“WHY” Do You Ask?

If you are like most network marketers, and I’m like most of them, at some point somebody has asked what your “Why” is.  You know what I mean, why are you doing this, why did you join the business, why do you want to do this?  There has to be a reason right?

A lot of people don’t know how to answer that question, in fact a bunch of them didn’t even know they needed a “Why”, and now they have a problem.  You see what has happened is they were ready to get going in the business, or possibly already off to a good start, and now they slam on the brakes to figure out their “Why”.

People are told they need:
*  “A Why until they cry”,
*  To get focused, the Eye of an Eagle
*  The heart of a lion
*  Get 100 no’s
*  Toughen up; get the skin of a rhino
*  And all of the other over used clichés.

Then they tell you need to get trained, that you need skills, you need to memorize scripts, learn “special” words and saying things like “you need to become a student of the industry and get educated.”

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says you need to build a Burning Desire backed by a Definiteness of Purpose.   Basically, if you have the desire, know your purpose, and believe it will happen, you cannot fail, providing you have a plan and follow it.

Here’s the million dollar question;
“Where do you start, what do you need first?”

Some people will tell you to learn the skills, others will say you need to know why you are doing it.  Then there are those that tell you to follow the plan that everyone else on the team is using.

And then….. There are those people that tell you several, if not all of these things are needed to be successful.  First they tell you that you need skills, then when you have the skills the reason it’s not working is you need a plan, then you need desire.

The bottom line?  If you think you need skills, go learn some skills; If you think you need a “Why”, go write it out;  If you think you need to get tougher skin or more focused, go do that. If you listen to the self-proclaimed experts all they’ll do is confuse you, or give you another assignment to work on to keep you busy for a while.

If you need some skills here’s a place for free skills tips.

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Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?

I rarely go on a rant, not even sure when the last time was, however the time has come, as I am sick of all Liars I see out there posing as Leaders.  These “posers” have one thing in mind, to make money, from you, and from your efforts, pure plain, and simple, that’s a fact.

Keep in mind; most people lie in some manner, maybe because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Maybe because they have to embellish the story to make themselves, or something they want to happen, look better.  But the bottom line is these clowns are nothing but shills, and are not being honest… PERIOD.

You see they always have better ideas than the rest, so they think.  What they claim is they have some earth shattering approach, that’s why their business is growing, and the reason they are at the top…. What a bunch of crap.

They have the magic system, the system that is making their team the largest in the company, they system that will change the industry, put their company on the map, and revolutionize the industry…. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

The reason they are at the top is because they sponsored more people than most, and this BS that I can only work with a few people is a bald face lie.  The “few people” they work with are the ones that put a bag of groceries on the leaders table every week.

These Liars would take the enrollment money from a guy on the way to hospital to get a heart transplant; even though it was the last money he had to his name and was the co-payment for his surgery.  These Liars would tell them all you need to do is sponsor 2-3 people before you get to the hospital and you’ll have your money back.

These Liars will work with you, train you on their systems and approaches, but understand this, once you hit a dry patch and don’t sponsor anyone, and the bag of groceries doesn’t show up on their table, they’re gone.  They won’t call to see if you are alive, dead, in the hospital, or on vacation.

Try getting them on the phone, or to call you back after taking some time off from your business, or after you have gone a while without sponsoring a new person.  I’ve been there in the past, it rarely happens, in fact the only time you’ll hear from them is if they’ve got a new deal they joined.

That’s another of the Liars traits, they’ll call you every time to look at their latest deal, but if you were to waste your time calling them to look at your new deal they aren’t interested and will pitch you on the thing they are in today. 

They always think they are smarter than everyone else, and have better ideas.  The bottom line is they are out for themselves no matter which side of their mouth they appear to talking with.

Here’s a million dollar tip, be on the lookout for Pinocchio

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Last Chance to Find out what Go90Grow is all about

Go90Grow is smoking hot.

The class has filled much quicker than we could have imagined.

We’ll have 1 last webcast to teach ‘Prospects Invisible Close’ Skill
and get any questions answered that you have.

I just don’t want to go through what we went through last time……folks
getting mad at us because we close enrollments….and they could not
get into the course…

I know that Wednesday’s webcast will push us to or over the *cap – so
we’re letting you know we’ll be closing the enrollments around
10PM Hawaii time this Thursday, March 8th.

*Cap – we cap the enrollments so each person gets daily personal attention
as the folks who’ve been on the webcast know…and members know that too.

And let me add, if I may….I’ve always thought it was insulting when
people say they are closing something…..then a couple days later they
send out emails saying it will be ‘open’ again.

We never do that.  Never.  None of those stupid 2nd chance offers, OK?

So about 24 hours after the Wednesday webcast concludes, we’ll shut
off enrollments….

To Your Success,

Doug Karnuth

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There’s an old saying, in your lifetime…

There’s an old saying, in their lifetime most people have 3 things right in front of them, that will change their life forever.   A lot of people have found that Go90Grow was one of those things that impacted their business, and therefore their lives.

So the question we have to ask you, how many life changing things have you had put right in front of you?  Is Go90Grow number 1, number 2, or number 3?

Don’t know what the buzz about Go90Grow is all about?  Would it be okay if we showed you?  All you need to do is go to the link below and we’ll get you a lot of free training and information.

Also, this will qualify you for the upcoming webcasts which are filling up fast, you will have the chance to get all of your questions answered then, and learn some cutting edge skills that are only taught at Go90Grow.

What Skills will be  covered on webcast word-for-word?

Invisible Close – they close for you
Yes-No-But Never Maybe – soooo cool to never have a stall again
Let’s Make Calls – a 2 minute exercise that will have your reps telling
you they need to contact people – instead of you trying to get them to

If you’ve never been on a webcast with Mark, get a pad of paper.
On webcasts, no theory, all meat.  He’s also going to show you
how to get a full, 100%, scholarship to the course

To Your Success,

Doug Karnuth

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People are already getting results with Go90Grow

Just wanted to let you know the 2nd video [free, course], is up at

The feedback is astonishing, check it out for yourself.

We’re already hearing from people about amazing results people are getting from the skill in video 2
….people are getting ‘yes’ in less than 20 seconds to looking at their deal.

Let’s face it, if we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills and
Go90grow is a skill based training series.

Check it out…..I’ve put a few of the hundreds of comments below my signature

To Your Success,

Doug Karnuth

Here’s just a few of the hundreds of comments….

Rodney Wren · Energy Consultant at Ambit Energy
Hey Mark great training. I started using your techniques this week and have already seem much better response rate.
I’m am working hard on improving my skills. Can’t wait for the next video.

Pastor Bob Bellingar · Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Pastor Bob here! WOW! I have never had anyone put this to me in the manner you did.
I am going to make the statement to as many people as I meet this coming week,
which begins tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear much more. No one taught these
techniques in four years of college, three years of seminary and 31 years as a pas tor, 10 years in marketing.

Earl N Williams Jr · DeVry Chicago
Mark, It seems as if you have been in my head, about what I have been feeling, thanks for the great information.
I had to watch the second video again, there was so much there. You really hit how I have been
feeling about getting on the phone. I can’t wait to start using this latest skill. Have a great day!

Jeffrey Hicks · Top Commenter · Palm Springs High School
Mark’s training is top notch. He is a man with heart and cares about doing things responsibly.
I started using the skills from Marks mentor and began getting an 85-90% response rate.
Mark’s training took it to the next level so I could put it all together and use all the pieces of the puzzle
to create the masterpiece with integrity and heart. This is something every “Networker” should participate in.
Thank you Mark!

Kim Jones  Woburn, Massachusetts
I almost stopped the video to come down here and leave a comment. That is how eager I am
to see/listen to your teachings. Mark, I am laughing out loud to parts of these videos. I am also learning so much.
I understand exactly how to proceed. I will be viewing and re-viewing all this information. I feel so different
about bringing in prospects. I have several lists of phone numbers, hundreds of them, that I have been afraid to call.
I think this is part procrastination and part knowing that I feel like I am going to ruin the lead. Simply because
I have not known what to say, how to say it. You are giving me the confidence that I know
I have been lacking. I am committed to becoming a Nancy. Will keep you updated, thanks so much.

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FACT! Free Training Video 2 Is Blowing Minds

Just posted!  The 2nd video in the Go90Grow free video series.

People, formerly frustrated are learning, word for word, what to say
to get a ‘yes’ from prospects….in less than 30 seconds.
Rejection free!


The response, as you can imagine, is overwhelming

Why the overwhelming positive response?

Here is what’s really going on….
average people are hearing about
average people who turned their
businesses around in less than 90 days.
And, they are having fun.

Go90Grow is the best training I’ve ever come across.

Why?  It’s not theory and it works.
Every time for everyone.

There’s a catch.  Always, right?

It is based on P90X, the crazy, challenging
exercise program. This training will challenge
you, the way you think about MLM
and change is a challenge.  But with challenge,
comes change.

Go90Grow is based on a more challenging
way of thinking….dealing with the reality
that if we are going to make some money,
we need to learn some skills.


I contacted Mark about this personally.

Here’s what he said, “It’s a challenge learning
new skills…..but….when we do,we feel better
about ourselves….and results improve…
just like the P90X workouts are easier for
me now….and the sense of accomplishment and
benefits are excellent….Go90Grow members experience
the same thing…..we’ll challenge you
to think a different way and do things differently….
but you’ll love the results.”

Check it out now – video 2 is up!
And yes, it’s funny just like the first video.

Didn’t see video 1 yet?  You catch that and video 2 right here.


To Your Success

Doug Karnuth

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Everybody says Go90Grow is stunning the MLM industry

I’m not kidding.  I’m stunned at the feedback from Go90Growfree video 1.

So is the industry.

Everybody knows MLMers tend to throw words like massive, incredible, astonishing around like Kleenex and there’s nothing really going on but hype.  Not the case here.

I am stunned.

There is no other word…..stunned….that’s it. Stunned.

The positive feedback from the free video series, Go90Grow is really off the charts….if you didn’t get a chance to check it out yesterday, take the time right now – its a revelation in thinking about MLM and it works.

I can only think it’s because people are hearing from so many average people who took go90grow and are not only no longer struggling and  frustrated….but hitting it out of the park, hearing ‘yes-yes-yes’ all day.

Video 1 is still up, it’s free….you gotta opt in to get 2 & 3 but those video are free too.

And in addition to the videos you get two very cool tools free that you can use right now.

Check it out now



Doug Karnuth

ps – Go90Grow is based on the insane exercise program P90X that gets massive results in 90 days…Go90Grow will challenge you just like P90X but it will get you the results you want. It is for me.

Go90Grow is about telling people the truth about what it really takes then supplying the skills and hands on support to make it happen.

Everybody knows it’s net-WORK-marketing – it’s not net-HOPE-marketing or net-POINT’N’CLICK-marketing.  P90X is work, but it works.  Go90Grow was modeled after P90X and it works.

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Average people are crushing MLM with Go90Grow free skills


I plugged into this approach last July and saw immediate results,
along with many other people in different companies.

This is NOT the Deal I’m in, but what I learned and leverage to
build my current organization.

Most people want to check it out, and do so for free, so if you want
to learn the “how to’s” read on, if not I wish you luck in whatever you
decide to take on.

Read on if you want….. but, this is not the 90 day run for everybody

I’m sure you’ve seen all the experts.
Guru’s and systems online about “how to succeed in MLM.”
What you’ve never really seen is me really recommending anything.

The reason I don’t pass things along is they don’t really
work for the average guy or gal.  And they are expensive.
Much of my success has come because I met a
7-figure earner Mark Januszewski and
he shared his stuff with me.

Turns out he was just an average guy,
delivering seafood for a living.
He discovered something remarkable and has
helped lots of little guys and gals,
just like himself, make it big in networking.

Finally, Mark has put it all up in a video series.
How he went from bankrupt in Boston to
living beachfront in Kauai, HI.

Go watch the Go90Grow video now:  go90grow

But before you go…one more thing: enter your best email
when you get there so you can also get the next 2 videos
and hear some of the case studies.
And all 3 videos are free.
Go90grow is about going with some very cool skills
for 90 days and growing faster than you were.

Mark Januszewski [also known as ‘The World’s Laziest Networker“]
just finished something that’s never been done in
networking history.
A couple of former Go90Grow members started cranking it big time
with their company.

It got that $35,000,000 company’s attention,
and led them back to Mark.
He was hired as a consultant and helped
standardized all the training.
The company was so impressed by
Go90Grow they’ve made this series available
to every rep they have.
Why?  Average people are getting above
average results in less than 90 days.

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SUSPECTS – All MLM Leads are created equal

Everybody is looking for more leads, more prospects, but all they can find are Suspects, a name, maybe a phone number, and an email address.  As Dr Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”

I’m wondering how many times today you got pitched on someone’s deal via email, on Facebook, Twitter, or a link was posted on your blog or website.

If you’re like most people, and I’m like most people, it gets pretty old to continually get pitched day after day…. It really wears me out

I can stand people that stand in the front of the virtual room tossing their stuff to all the peons in the back of the room that don’t have a clue, they have the best idea or deal to join and they have no regard for anyone else.

By doing this we’ve joined the rank of spammers, and are simply trying to hypnotize everyone into buying our ideas or to join our deal.  Let’s just fling it out to the world and hope is sticks.

This mass marketing approach requires average ideas, you essentially don’t need to think, just fling out a bunch of advertisements and somebody is bound to get mesmerized and join our deal.

Just because you’re going to the masses with a bunch of ads, people somehow think they’ll create duplication.  Well, unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well anymore.
The World’s Laziest Networker gave some great tips on how to NOT throw up all over people in a recent blog titled:  How To Get MLM Leads With Social Media, Free

You can check out the first skill from Mark Januszewski by just clicking the image below you are one of the people that missed go90grow in 2011 you can learn about the 2012 event that a lot of people have been waiting for.  The first video is here

We Believe in You!

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