Network Marketing Job Description…. Most People Like Me Just Don’t Know

I just found out something really interesting about people in Network Marketing / MLM.  Most people do not know what their job description is; in fact the number is staggering, it’s well over 90%.

It should come as no surprise when I tell you that I was in that large group, along with most people in the industry.  The interesting thing is that the majority of people spend years trying to make it work, and they never learned what our job really is.

If you’re like me, you see I thought our job was to sponsor a bunch of people and your we all set for life, or like a few of my friends that thought their job was “to share with others”, basically telling others what we have and what we do.

Let’s list a few more,

*       Build relationships
*       Duplicate
*       Become good sales people, to sell
*       Contact potential customers or distributors for our company’s product
*       Give presentations to people you’ve set appointments with
*       Enroll at least new prospect as a customer or distributor every week
*       Learn all about the company
*       Learn the marketing or compensation plan
*       Become well versed on the product
*       Driving Traffic To Your Site
*       Connect with as many people as possible on Facebook
*       Buy leads
*       Buy better leads
*       Talk to more people
*       Find the right people………


Wrong, wrong, wrong……..

Look at the list, if you’re like most people you’ve probably tried at least 4-5 of them, if not all of them, so is it a coincidence why so many people never get anywhere in this business?

There are just 3 basic things you want to do in order to start working towards success;

1.  Strike interest and sort;
Basically find out if they are interested and have a reason why they want what we have to offer, and that they are not going to waste our time. One of the  biggest things most networkers do, and that kills their dreams,  is they spend to much time with the wrong people.  They spend a ton of time trying to convince them our deal is the best thing for them.

2.   Have them review information and book the follow up
It could be a presentation you give them, a meeting presentation, an online webcast, recorded video presentation, a CD, a DVD, or a brochure or magazine.
It is also essential that the follow up is booked at that time, and you want it to be specific; a date and time on that date, not just Wednesday night, or afternoon on Friday, for example it should be “Friday the 9th at 2:30PM”.  If they won’t commit then you probably should have them give back whatever information you might have given them if you are meeting face to face.

3.  Follow up
Now that they have expressed an interest, we gave them information to review, and they have reviewed the information, it’s time to go to work and do our Network Marketing J-O-B……… Collect their decision.
They are only a Prospect once they have passed the criteria, expressed interest, reviewed the information, and have “shown up” for us to collect their decision.

Although a lot people think the aforementioned items are what they need to do, nobody gets paid because they gave a good presentation, were nice to someone, or were able to answer all the questions about the magic potion or lotion.

When somebody joins our business we earn money, we get paid when they say “yes”.  So you see everybody’s job is to Collect Decisions, because when they say “yes, I’m ready to get started”, we have done our job and get compensated for a job well done.

Stay tuned, over the next 90-days we will keep you updated on the Go90Grow Class as it happens.


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One Response to Network Marketing Job Description…. Most People Like Me Just Don’t Know

  1. Billy Graham says:

    I need to write a MLM job description for myself, so I started a quick internet search. This is the first article I came across (good job, SEO), and I LOVE it.

    Straight to the bottom line.

    Yup, I would have come up like the first list in the article, but a guy can stay mighty busy doing all that and never get anywhere.

    Thanks for the focus, and I hope you and all who read this prosper in 2014

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