Part 3 —> The Dirty Secret

(This is the 3rd of a 3 part series – Do you want a System or is Success good enough?)

Now for the dirty secret, the only one making real money on the proven duplicable system was the so called guru.  From all those $20 dollar a month subscriptions, all the books and tapes that were purchased, all the people that they brought in, and so on….. We never got paid for the effort, not only that,neither did any of those people.

The money went to the guru. We know you might be thinking “the guru invented the system” so they should be entitled to be making money on it.

You know what? We agree.

Let us ask you a question, how long would you work to promote a company, a product, a service, if for everyone that you got to make a purchase you didn’t make a dime?

How long would you work a job if you didn’t get paid?

Thought so.

The Guru Wizard’s are keeping the wealth to themselves, it is a primary source of income for them. That’s not what they tell you, they say they are making ALL their money from the “company”, and they’ve never made a dime from their system. They are probably technically correct, maybe their business entity, their spouse or children are making the money, but not “them”… what a joke.

In fact in most cases the guru makes as much or more than they do from their primary MLM business. When you look across the entire MLM / Network Marketing industry the majority of the “Guru Systems” are designed for the Guru to build their business off the backs of the distributors.

Want proof? Look around at the system builders, once the magic system doesn’t work for the people in the organization they look for something new on the internet to build the business. This creates hemorrhaging in the group and the teams crumble.

Now you can see one big reason why these systems don’t last, there is no sharing of the wealth……. pure, plan, and simple….. It’s Greed!

Now you are probably wondering why we have shared this dirty secret, you see the truth will always be the truth, these are facts, not an opinion, and we don’t want you wasting your time and money.

So, if you want Success it’s important to hear the truth, here goes:

There are a just few simple things that you want to learn, basic skills anyone can learn, and use those skills in order to achieve success.

That’s it.

We have these skills training videos for you, they won’t cost you a thing,and you can learn how to save 1-Hour a day.  Just go and enter your email at , and we will send them to you over the next week or so.

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We believe in you!

Doug Karnuth

P.S.  Remember July 14th, it’s Go90Grow time.

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2 Responses to Part 3 —> The Dirty Secret

  1. Jim Story says:

    So you mean those 4-5 top producers in the “guru system” who are there every waking moment, might be getting subsidized. Hmmmm. Why does the guru turn on people too so often? That is a question I never could understand, especially when a week before the guru loved that person unconditionally.

    I have been working with a system that does pay us for promoting the system and doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg to use. We get real value, an autoresponder and blog included. Oh and I don’t have to listen to the guru’s rants or “mommy issues”.

    But I am not speaking of any one guru, just the whole guru crew..

    • great post Doug…..

      People don’t realize 2 things ……let’s face it, MLMers are a passionate but often irrational group…..

      The 2 things…..Business 101 & facts

      1. Promoting magic systems….takes time away from the primary objective. Duh?

      2. What are the facts?

      a] How long [months] have you been using the guru’s system?

      b] Has this system produced new enrollees in your primary business? yes or no?

      c] How many?

      d] Are the new enrollees using it and sponoring new people in?

      e] How many enrolled, enrolled new people and are still on autoship?

      With all due respect to people who use them… 4 years of this nonsense I have spoken, emailed etc with close to 400….simply to prove a point.
      Facts are facts. NONE of the 400 has had success, of any kind….and this begs the ethical question of “why are you paying for and promoting something that does not get results?”

      No offense to anyone ….but….is it in anyway ethical to ‘promote’ a monthly fee deal, in essence being a ‘shill’ for the ‘guru’ and raving about it’s effectiveness when it is ineffective? Call me ‘old school’ but endorsing something that fails the 5 questions above seems unethical…..BUT……a lot of people seem to have their minds made up and don’t want to be confused with the facts.

      keep the great stuff coming Doug….fantastic!!

      mark j

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