MKMMA – Week 7

Thinking in Pictures?

Most people don’t realize it, but we think in pictures all the time, we just don’t think about it.  Imagine the power of that; if we think in pictures, we are visualizing and that is exactly what Haanel says we should be doing.

We have millions and millions of brain cells ready to put to work; they are just waiting for us to call on them to paint the pictures, so we might as well use them.  Everybody can do this and change their destination, it’s all part of the journey and doing the work in our minds.

If you’re not sure about visualization, try this; do you remember your last vacation or trip you were on?  I’m pretty certain by the time you finished the previous sentence you were there in your mind.  That’s how fast those brain cells go to work for you, they put you right there.  It was, in most cases a pleasurable experience, and you probably felt good about it, like you were there again.

Here’s the interesting thing, you probably went right to the destination in your mind, and you didn’t think about how hard you worked to earn the money, about the packing of your bags, the flight or drive to the destination, you were there instantly, in your mind, you could see it, you could probably smell it.

So by visualizing where you want to be, you’re already there, no bags to pack or flight to catch, you are there in the most important place, your MIND!

The journey continues, you can follow along right here.


Doug Karnuth

Master Key System

Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart


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5 Responses to MKMMA – Week 7

  1. Ferdinand Schrader says:

    Thank you for sharing Doug, great piece!

  2. Jason and Jan Pollock says:

    Spot-on post on visualization and how it works. Thanks!

  3. Ed Bouffard says:

    Hey Doug,

    You’re quite right you know … I use precisely what you describe in your post to remember important items. I visualize and store. This is something that has always come naturally to me. It is also how I learn; I have difficulty in reading, deciphering, then applying written instructions. Show me something one time, however, and I’m good to go; THEN I can use the written instructions with great ease because I have stored an image of what I need to know.

    Thanx much.

  4. Thinking in pictures is what many people do yes. Some transcribe it all into words and keep it for future storage. You likely ‘think’ in smell, sound and touch too. Some people, especially blind from birth may have a capacity for ‘pictures’ but their mind uses the other senses to ‘think’. How and where we store all the sensations provides a clue for what we remember. Hear a favorite song after decades and the picture of the past flashes, or a smell, perhaps all the words and you can feel the moment again. Thinking has access to all of our senses.

  5. Isaiah W says:

    Yes..yes…visualize that which you want in life and attract it!!! Thanks

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