MKMMA – Week 4

I can be what I will to be

One of the strongest affirmations which you can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to accomplish, is, “I can be what I will to be.” This should be an automatic response that is essential for our mental survival, and helps us to react quickly to the negative situations that we face daily.

Haanel tells us that…

“Every time you repeat this positive affirmation realize who and what this “I” is; try to come into an understanding of the true nature of the “I”; if you do, you will become invincible; that is, provided that your objects and purposes are constructive and are therefore in harmony with the creative principle of the Universe.”

I feel Haanel is asking us to identify the things that we want to happen in our life,  and gain confidence that these things that WILL happen in our lives.

If you use of this affirmation, and use it consistently, whenever you think of it, you are creating a new habit.  Og Mandino has told us that we need to replace old habits with new ones, and this is one you want to become a part of you moving forward.

So it’s really about changing your perspective, about making a decision to change your way of thinking, and decide to be exactly what I want and will to be.

It’s really pretty simple, you don’t go to bed at night and wonder if you are going to be at work in the morning.  You have made the commitment to your employer that you WILL be at work, and because you have “Willed” that, you automatically do it without any second guessing.

This is the kind of confidence you are supposed to look at the things that you know you CAN do or be.   Now is the time to make the effort. The result will be exactly in proportion to the effort you put out.

The journey continues, you can follow along right here.



Doug Karnuth

Master Key System

Master Mind Alliance Charter Member


~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart


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2 Responses to MKMMA – Week 4

  1. Don Nicholes says:

    I like the analogy about work. When we really understand the “I” and its universal power, game over.

  2. Don Western says:

    Great point about showing up for work in the morning. True commitment is everything.

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