MKMMA – Week 3

Have you ever had a “Gut Feeling” about something?  You probably have on more than one occasion, and do you remember how you felt when you went against your “gut” and you made the wrong decision?

As we learned last week, the subconscious mind makes a decision in a flash, it does not think, it just reacts.  Basically it only accepts the conclusions of the conscious mind.

When the conscious or objective mind believes the thought is true it sends it right to the Solar Plexus, “our Gut” and therefore we should have no reason to argue with it.  Because we have not trusted our gut in the past we have created a habit, and that habit dictates that we don’t believe our gut and make the wrong decision over and over.  Until we change that habit we will continue to make it over and over.

In the past we have been slaves to our impulses, and therefore created bad habits, which are the root of all failure.

Og Madino talks about habits several times in Scroll I, and that we should form good habits, and become their slave.  As we repeatedly practice new habits, we program out the old ones, and new create new habits in their place.

I have a hunch if that “Gut Feeling” shows up again most people will trust it, and I definitely want to be like most people.

The journey continues, you can follow along right here.



Doug Karnuth

Master Key System

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~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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  1. Well, that sounds like an ah ha moment and I appreciate you sharing it. The gut feeling really is our connection to the universal voice and our link to where we are going.

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