MKMMA Week 16

Now You See It, OR…..Now You Don’t

Everybody has at some point in their life wished for something so hard they could actually see it happening, and the interesting thing is that in most cases it happened just like they wanted it to.

The most important thing about visualizing your future and what you want is to really see it, not just think about it or read about, you’ve got to see it in your minds eye.

When Henry Flagler desired to build a railroad he visualized it so strongly he not only said he could see the train on the tracks, he could hear the trains whistle.  This was the same exact approach he used in developing and building previous business ventures.  After he failed the first time, Flagler understood he needed to better understand where he was going with any ventures, which he needed to think through, and visualize exactly what planned to create, and how it looked when in full operation.

Now most people have learned about Flagler through his Railroad, most people don’t know that he was an integral part in the founding of Standard Oil, and that John D Rockefeller approached Flagler for capital to start the company that the Rockefeller’s have been so well associated with.

If Flagler didn’t “see” the possibilities, and visualize what he wanted, today, there might have been no Standard Oil, no Flagler Railroad, nor would there be any of the old ornate hotels along the Florida Coast that Flagler visualized and built for you to see.  So now I hope you see it.

The journey continues, you can follow along right here.



Doug Karnuth

Master Key System

Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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3 Responses to MKMMA Week 16

  1. Janelle Erickson says:

    I enjoyed reading about that too….him hearing the train whistle. One thing I hear when I am visualizing my new reality is the horn on the cruise ship as my family and I leave the harbor 🙂 Powerful stuff!

  2. Doug,
    I am glad I chose to follow your blog. What a tremendous passage on Visualization and I love the example you gave. Looking forward to believing and following you.

  3. Susan Hedgcock says:

    I love this journey! Visualizing has become the clear key to achieving goals!

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