Last Chance to Find out what Go90Grow is all about

Go90Grow is smoking hot.

The class has filled much quicker than we could have imagined.

We’ll have 1 last webcast to teach ‘Prospects Invisible Close’ Skill
and get any questions answered that you have.

I just don’t want to go through what we went through last time……folks
getting mad at us because we close enrollments….and they could not
get into the course…

I know that Wednesday’s webcast will push us to or over the *cap – so
we’re letting you know we’ll be closing the enrollments around
10PM Hawaii time this Thursday, March 8th.

*Cap – we cap the enrollments so each person gets daily personal attention
as the folks who’ve been on the webcast know…and members know that too.

And let me add, if I may….I’ve always thought it was insulting when
people say they are closing something…..then a couple days later they
send out emails saying it will be ‘open’ again.

We never do that.  Never.  None of those stupid 2nd chance offers, OK?

So about 24 hours after the Wednesday webcast concludes, we’ll shut
off enrollments….

To Your Success,

Doug Karnuth

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