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Have you noticed that the default suggestion when people are struggling to build their business is for the upline to tell them they need a bigger “Why”.     Maybe you’ve  even heard  “You Need a Why to Make You Cry”, or you need to get focused, get “The Eye of the Tiger”, you need courage, intestinal fortitude, so get  “The Heart of a Lion”……………… and a bunch of other animal parts.  It’s all jargon, something they heard other people say.

Has anyone up to this point ever asked what your purpose is?  I promise you one thing, if you have said money, you better back up a step.  It’s NEVER the money, and now you’re probably thinking, “I’m not doing this for free or for the fun of it”.

Most people never get to the point  they understand their real purpose in life, why they are here on earth, why they are doing what they are doing.  But, some people have started their journey, and you can learn from them, all you need to do is check out their amazing stories at sites like these:

Amy Knudsen Master Key

Roy Rogers Master Key

Dale Reynolds Master Key

Today you can start the process of changing your results, and finding the real reason why you want to improve your future.  It won’t happen over night, but if you make the effort it will happen.

There are two types of people, those that say they are going to do something to change their results, and those that change their results.

Get involved in the process, and be here 1 year from today and you will see amazing positive changes.

One-Year……………….. 8,760 hours, it’s really Your choice.

The journey continues, please join us and follow along right here.

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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6 Responses to Just 8760

  1. Great post Doug!
    I was one of the former people in your quote, “There are two types of people, those that say they are going to do something to change their results, and those that change their results.” This time and with this course and all my fellow MKMMAer’s, I CAN be what I WILL to be, and that means being in the second group that changes their results! Thanks for writing and feel free to add me to your blog roll. Lisa Anderson http://masterkeynetworker.wordpress.com

    • Doug Karnuth says:

      Thanks Lisa, congratulations your decision to change your results.

      Getting the “I CAN be what I WILL to be” 20x a day was a stretch for a couple of days, then I found something that most people look at at least 20x a day, their cell phone………………
      so now the screen saver on my iPhone says: “I CAN be what I WILL to be” no excuses now! 🙂


      • Oh my! That’s a GREAT way to make sure we get them all in and you’re right, most of us, despite my comment on Mark’s blog earlier, look at that cell way too many times per day. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. mkdale says:

    Great post and thanks for the mention! I too used to just give lip service to changing. But all that changes is sore lips!

  3. Jim McGregor says:

    Thanks for this post Doug, very inspirational. And spot on!

  4. Nick B says:

    Doug Thanks for the great post. You are so right when it comes to the WHY!

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