Is it the Trees or the Forest?

A couple weeks back during the MKMMA weekly call, Mark said if you were still lacking some desire, and if you were struggling with your Definite Major Purpose, that you really needed to get the audio titled “The Science of Personal Achievement” By Napoleon Hill.
Well I have to tell you, I felt I was in pretty good shape with what I was working on, but being a Green, you can never have enough books, tapes, or CD’s, plus information is always good, right?

So you guessed it, I had to purchase the CD, which happened to arrive a day before I was heading off on a long road trip, so a perfect time to listen to it in the car, just like Mark suggested.

Well it was early afternoon on Tuesday, and I was driving in Northern Wisconsin, the big winds they had been talking about were beginning, and it was raining on and off.  I was listening to Hill’s CD and feeling pretty good about what I was hearing and where I was at in the “process”, another of those cool green things…. process.

There I was, thinking about how I felt that I was in the right place at the right time, and that good things were going to happen regardless of what anyone might try to throw at me, and then…. something really magical happened;

I was driving in and out of the rain and windy areas in the middle of nowhere, and feeling good about all of the things I knew were coming my way.  Then, all of a sudden a rainbow appeared, not anything really that special, but it sure beat the rain and wind.

All of a sudden I realized that the rainbow appeared to be ending on the right front fender of the car, I felt like this was sign, the pot of gold was there for me, all I needed to do was accept it.  It stayed there for maybe 30 seconds, as I kept driving, at least until I got to a curve, and then disappeared behind the trees.  This part of the state is very wooded, so just to see a rainbows end was a long shot.

When I came out of the curve there it was right in front of me…… this time with the left side ending on the ground.  Then I looked to the right and could see the right side end on the ground too.  Wow, after driving for a couple of hours through the woods I find a full rainbow in a small meadow next to a barn.  I quick grabbed my camera and shot a picture through the window of the left side on the ground.

Then I stopped the car and quickly jumped out.  I took a picture of the right side of the rainbow ending in the meadow.







Then I snapped a picture of as much of the whole thing as I could with the pocket camera I had along, but as I was so close couldn’t both ends of the whole rainbow.

I gotta ask you, how many times do people see an entire rainbow in a country wooded area, sure maybe Hawaii, most people there see parts of a rainbow everyday,. or near the ocean and places like that, but in the middle of the woods in northern Wisconsin?

All I know is something magical happened there, not sure yet what, but what I do know is there was validation that I am on the right track and good things are coming my way with this group of awesome people, and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.

When “your rainbow” appears will you be ready to accept it, or will you only admire the beauty?

I know that rainbow was put there for me, it was no accident, I believe good things are here to stay.

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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9 Responses to Is it the Trees or the Forest?

  1. Thanks for sharing your Journey Doug.
    Rainbows are beautiful. Much meaning. Thanks for sharing the pictures too.

    I have Napoleon Hill’s “The Master-Key to Riches & Grow Rich With Peace of Mind.
    Only thing is they are cassettes and my play broke down. Think I’ll find the small player and listen again. Combined with this MKMMA Team I’m sure they’ll mean even more.

    I”ll be watching your posts as well.
    Agape’ Darlene

  2. Great post and pictures! There are no accidents or coincidences. I figured that out over 20 years ago when I read “The Celestine Prophecy.” The signs are everywhere when you are open to them!

  3. I do believe all things happen for a reason…..beautiful pictures. Rainbows always symbolize hope for me. thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Doug,
    Great story, I love rainbows and you captured it in the moment means somthing special is already happing in your life, and thanks for a great reminder for me to pick up that audio, “The Science of Personal Achievement” By Napoleon Hill.
    I love the pic enjoy your trip looking forward to your next post.
    Jennifer Buchanan

  5. Thanks for sharing the Green version of your rainbow experience, Doug. I too have been struggling with my vision since listening to “The Science of Personal Achievement.”

    It has opened my eyes to the fact that where I thought I was in the process is not where I really want to be – yet. I’ll be keeping my eyes open and watching for “my” rainbow. I know it’s out there waiting for me to discover it.

    Kathy Burleigh-Moffatt
    AKA “Grandma Kitty”

  6. Kathy Zimmer says:

    Hi Doug,
    Great post – I enjoyed reading it. Good job! Love the way you paint a picture with your words.

    Take care,
    Kathy Z.

  7. Debi Talbert says:

    Doug – Thanks so very much for sharing this story. It is so awesome when the greens are able to let go and accept. I know I’m married to one. I’m so excited for you and your progress. I can’t wait to see and hear more.

    Wonderful pictures. I’m so thrilled you where able to stop and capture them to share with us.

    Taking flight – Debi

  8. Wow Doug, that was awesome. Thanks for you honestly and transparency Mr. GREENIE 😀 Rainbows are my favorite, great pictures. By the way thanks for much for having Mark J. on our call! He was meant to be on our call just like all of us on this MKMMA journey together.

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