Follow the Leader or Follow the Liar?

I rarely go on a rant, not even sure when the last time was, however the time has come, as I am sick of all Liars I see out there posing as Leaders.  These “posers” have one thing in mind, to make money, from you, and from your efforts, pure plain, and simple, that’s a fact.

Keep in mind; most people lie in some manner, maybe because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Maybe because they have to embellish the story to make themselves, or something they want to happen, look better.  But the bottom line is these clowns are nothing but shills, and are not being honest… PERIOD.

You see they always have better ideas than the rest, so they think.  What they claim is they have some earth shattering approach, that’s why their business is growing, and the reason they are at the top…. What a bunch of crap.

They have the magic system, the system that is making their team the largest in the company, they system that will change the industry, put their company on the map, and revolutionize the industry…. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

The reason they are at the top is because they sponsored more people than most, and this BS that I can only work with a few people is a bald face lie.  The “few people” they work with are the ones that put a bag of groceries on the leaders table every week.

These Liars would take the enrollment money from a guy on the way to hospital to get a heart transplant; even though it was the last money he had to his name and was the co-payment for his surgery.  These Liars would tell them all you need to do is sponsor 2-3 people before you get to the hospital and you’ll have your money back.

These Liars will work with you, train you on their systems and approaches, but understand this, once you hit a dry patch and don’t sponsor anyone, and the bag of groceries doesn’t show up on their table, they’re gone.  They won’t call to see if you are alive, dead, in the hospital, or on vacation.

Try getting them on the phone, or to call you back after taking some time off from your business, or after you have gone a while without sponsoring a new person.  I’ve been there in the past, it rarely happens, in fact the only time you’ll hear from them is if they’ve got a new deal they joined.

That’s another of the Liars traits, they’ll call you every time to look at their latest deal, but if you were to waste your time calling them to look at your new deal they aren’t interested and will pitch you on the thing they are in today. 

They always think they are smarter than everyone else, and have better ideas.  The bottom line is they are out for themselves no matter which side of their mouth they appear to talking with.

Here’s a million dollar tip, be on the lookout for Pinocchio

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