Do you want a System or is Success good enough?

Do you want a System or is Success good enough?
(Part 1 of a 3 part series)

Would it be okay if we talked about MLM Systems for a couple of minutes?

If you’re like me you’ve probably looked at a lot of the MLM systems out there to build your business, and possibly even tried a few of them just like me.

Having tried a few of them, the free eBook thing, offering people “the secret tips and tricks”, funded proposals, and even buying the really good leads. What I found out they all work about the same, not so good for most people.

Now don’t get me wrong, they do work, people do make a lot of money using these systems, and people get filthy rich, but the people making the money are those pitching the magic systems, not those of us using them.

These “gurus” with the magic tricks are making more money from their systems that are designed to bring people into their MLM company then they are from fro the company themselves.


They’re all the same, they know that people are desperate for success and they use that to their advantage. The gurus tell people what they want to hear, even when they know it’s not the truth, and they do it because it sells.

We got trained, we learned what to say to people, to get them to follow along like a bunch of sheep. We learned how to drive traffic to the guru’s replicated sites we paid $20 per month for, and boy did we drive lots of traffic. All of those “leads” or prospects for the magic system we safely locked away in the gurus system. You see most people thought that because they got the person to the dance that they were their exclusive date, but we got news for ya baby, anything that comes in through the replicated sites, or sub-domains remains property of the guru, OUCH!

We got a lot of people sign up to use “The System” at $20 a month, most of whom never got anywhere with it, even though they were following the “proven recipe”. Systems don’t work for most people, there are no magic systems. The only one the system worked for was the guru, it was another way to promote books, CD’s, and training, where everybody gets brain washed into thinking this best and only way to build a business. NOT.

When we stop to think about the number of people we brought into those magic duplicable systems we’ve used, and the time and money we wasted because we didn’t know any better, it’s enough to make us sick. And honestly, we are not making a dime today from any of those previous efforts or from the people we found through the magic system.

Don’t let us get started on the time wasted thing…………… at least until tomorrow!


We Believe in You!

Doug Karnuth


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