Do The People At The Top Make All The Money?

Recently we discussed one of the top 15 questions asked about Network Marketing when people are conducting Google searches.  One of the Top 10 questions asked was about the people at the top making all the money, and I’m not too surprised that this question was in The top 10.

The Worlds Laziest Networker, aka Mark Januszewski, possibly answered this question better than it has ever been answered before.

Here is just a snippet of his answer….


It’s really amazing how many people who talk about dreams, helping others, etc., ask this question.

That should tell you something.


Common sense isn’t so common, eh?

People join MLM’s and get active for the money.

Sure, we love the product and want to help other get their dreams to manifest……but people join and get active in the recruiting-sponsoring game for the money.

So I loved seeing that question pop up when I did my research on the 15 most commonly asked questions because hidden within the question is the clincher over the great debate.

It’s about money and that is great……OK,OK, I am not being cynical or morally high and mighty……I know the money is for a better life, less stress, more freedom.

But it is priceless information to glean from the question…… The point?

It’s not only OK to talk about money, you’ll do better if you do.


It’s why people join.

Read the rest of this great article at : World’s Laziest Networker

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