A Lot of People Already Know…..….

….. December Is The Easiest Month For Recruiting

People say what they do in December has more impact on what they do in the first two months of the new year than most people realize.  A lot of people say they are going to take the holidays off, but they don’t understand that it will take them weeks to get back on track, and any momentum they had coming into December has been lost.

Our team has used two basic approaches and implemented a strategy so that December ends up being the best recruiting month of the year.  December has always been my best recruiting month and, more importantly, on January 2nd we have a team that is already in momentum while everyone else is trying to restart their teams.
December is the month that the players use to build momentum in the upcoming year.  There are two ideas that most people do not know.

If you have not watched the two short videos you can get them here:
December Rocks and Crush December

Do you Wonder Why?

Did you ever notice some MLMer go to parties and come home with names & numbers and appointments……while most MLMers either leave feeling guilty for not making any contacts or, worse….chasing everyone at the parties away?

It’s simple…..they just don’t know what to do or what to say ….and suffer while Pros clean up.
There will be a live, free webcast….and show you exactly what to do so you have fun and come home ‘stacked’ with contacts and appointments…..without ever ‘pitching’ anyone at the parties.

Join Us Wednesday December 7th @ 9:00 PM EST

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