Overnight Failure to Changing Habits- Week 19 MKMMA

A lot of people have this sense of belief, all they need to do is fake it until they make it, get a better attitude, believe in themselves, or read the latest theory on personal development.  Bottom line is that although these approaches don’t hurt, they don’t create overnight success, there is no silver bullet or magic potion.  In order to improve yourself, you must make the long-term changes, without them nothing can change.

Do you ever find yourself in a rut, doing the same mundane things day after day, and then wondering why you do those things?   You have simply doing those things over and over and have created habits.  So, the only way you are going to get out of the mundane rut is by changing your habits.  You’re probably thinking, that’s a lot easier said than done, if it was that easy everybody would make changes.

Interestingly enough, these habits didn’t just appear, they were developed over a period of time, some people know this as “The Slight Edge”.  You see it simply starts by doing something one time, like riding a bike when you were a child.  If you’re like most people you rode your bike a short distance and either fell or jumped off.  Then you went a little farther the next time, pretty soon you were riding it everywhere without jumping off or falling.

Now that you know how easy it is to create a new habit and improve yourself, there is only one thing to do….. start !

Changing habits is something that needs to be done intentionally, consciously, thinking about it, and it must be done continually, this is the way you will create new and lasting habits.

So you can see creating good habits is easy to do, but it does take an effort, it’s not a one time deal, you need to consciously do it.   There is one thing that is a lot easier, creating bad habits.  By simply not doing the things that will improve your life you are getting the things you don’t want, it’s an automatic.

The Slight Edge is always working, either for you or against you, so I challenge you to get it on your side and intentionally create the future you desire, it’s your choice.

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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5 Responses to Overnight Failure to Changing Habits- Week 19 MKMMA

  1. Dale Reynolds says:

    That is a really great book. It starts with the small things!

  2. Aileen Johnson says:

    The Slight Edge is a very good read and this is a good blog. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kathy Zimmer says:

    Hi Doug,

    Great post! The Slight Edge is one of my favorite books. Your thoughtful post has a simple, yet powerful message. If people take to heart what you’ve written, they can change even long-standing useless or mundane habits.

    Keep up the quality work!


  4. Hello Doug,
    Thank you for this post it really sets out why one time wonders have no long term effect.
    I especially liked it when you wrote ” Bottom line is that although these approaches don’t hurt, they don’t create overnight success, there is no silver bullet or magic potion.”
    Keep up these great posts.
    Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

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