Caution, WET PAINT!

So when you see a sign that says “WET PAINT” do you believe it or do you have to touch the freshly painted area to see if it’s really still wet?

If you’re like most people you probably have to touch it, but did you ever wonder why that need was there?  Simple, maybe you don’t believe what you see, maybe you have little trust, or you’re possibly skeptical.

So I’m curious………  Who do you trust?   It’s a honest question.

If you can’t trust what a sign says, how will you ever trust a person?  And if you if you can’t trust people you will possibly spend your entire life being suspicious of everyone.  So I know you’re probably thinking, “the last time I trusted someone I got burned, it didn’t go the way they said it would”.  So where were you in this situation, having complete trust, full belief, or were you a little bit suspicious?

The odds are really good that you were suspicious, because that’s what you have been taught to do, it’s automatic, it’s programmed into your survival mode.  Want proof?  Watch out!  Be careful!  Something smells fishy!  If you don’t trust someone, you put your guard up and they can’t hurt you, right?  Ya, that’ll get you what you want in life……. probably not!

So when someone comes along and says they are willing to help you get what you want in life, do you trust them, or do you become suspicious, and wonder “why would they want to help me, there must be a catch………..”

You see most people that have even a small amount of trust to start out with, see positive changes in a really short time.  Nothing happens in a heartbeat, except a heartbeat.

Is it easy to do, easy to trust, easy change and move forward for the better?  Of course it is, it’s going take some time, but if you just start, just trust, and do the little things consistently over time, big things will happen.  But you have to do the work, make an effort, do things differently, because if nothing changes, nothing can change.

Most people want to get to the point that their paint is dry, and start working towards it right away, not stopping until it’s completely dry, no matter how long it takes.

But honestly, some people won’t, you know the type.  They have to touch the paint every 5-minutes to see if it’s dry instead of knowing that if they have the patience and trust it will dry eventually.

Will you be tested along the way?
Sure, absolutely.

Will you want to quit?

So what will you differently if you decide to quit?

The choices are easy, trust and believe, or be a victim the rest of you life.

The journey continues, please join us and follow along right here.

We believe in you.

Doug Karnuth
Master Key System
Master Mind Alliance Charter Member

~ Dreams Come True When You Follow Your Heart

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9 Responses to Caution, WET PAINT!

  1. Trust — easy to do, easy not to do. What is your choice? I chose trust!

    Well said, Doug! Thanks for sharing this.

    Kathy Burleigh-Moffatt
    AKA “Grandma Kitty”

  2. mark j says:

    Doug…….I am blown away…..

    this is just spectacular…..the analogy, the honesty…..

    you sure you’re green? 🙂

    mark j

  3. Steven Squillace says:

    Great Advice Doug,
    This is really Great advice for people who have trust issues, because if we can’t trust other people how are we going to build a team of leaders. If a network marketer wants to build a large organization and help others to learn the skills that it requires to reach their level of success, there has to be trust on both sides.

  4. Great point Doug! We need to trust someone in order to be mentored don’t we?

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  6. Diane says:

    Absolutely “spot on” Doug!!! Gary & I were actually talking about this trust issue today before I read your blog. Now to me that’s confirmation!!! Thanks for sharing your heart Doug. Perfect timing & very well said!

    Diane Noris

  7. Laurie Basile says:

    Well said; great insight!

  8. Most people just can’t trust that someone will actually do what they say they’ll do. That’s why 95% of the population are sentenced to a lifetime of labor.

    Tip: follow in the footsteps of successful people. But there’s a catch, you won’t have to live a life of quiet desperation anymore…you’ll be free.

    Thanks for all you’ve done to help me in my life. You’re a great mentor 🙂

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