Is “Over Delivery” a Problem?

Under Promise & Over Deliver

Everyone has heard the expression “Under Promise & Over Deliver”, but how many people actually practice that?  Unfortunately not enough….. most people do just enough to get by, it’s the an hour’s pay for an hour’s work.  How many people really get ahead with that approach?  NONE. ZIPPO. NADA. ZILCH.

Isn’t it interesting today how a lot of stuff is measured by a point in time?  We have just-in-time delivery; we pay bills online, just in time, we show up for meetings and appointments, just in time.  We have the express lane in stores, on the freeway, and we have express mail.

How can there be any Over Delivery if everything is at the bare minimum, or basically… just in time?  There can’t be any Over Delivery when everyone just conforms with the rest of society.  That’s as big a problem today in our society as anything, too many people are just coasting along, and average is just accepted.

Going the Extra Mile

I found out about Go90Grow several months ago and quickly learned what “Going the Extra Mile” really meant.  The Fabulous Davene and mark j [aka The World’s Laziest Networker] not only talked about it, they practice what they teach, and Go90Grow is a world class approach to teaching people how to build their business of choice, and become a better person along the way, by “Going the Extra Mile”.

Everybody knows that Network Marketing requires skills, and you just can’t expect instant success.  In fact, mark j frequently talks about W. Clement Stone, whom he had the privilege to work with early in his career.  The Success System that Never Fails is a great book that everyone should read at some point on their journey.

If you are not aware, W. Clement Stone was a good friend of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and was more instrumental in Hill making a lot of money than most of the other people Hill met along the way to his success.  Hill frequently talked about “Going the Extra Mile”, and the fact until you learn to give more of yourself to others, you cannot get anymore in return than you put out.

Earl Nightingale probably put it best when he talked about the guy that stood in front of the wood stove and said, “Give me heat, and then I’ll put the wood in.”  You must go get the wood and build for yourself, and invariably warm others along the way.  Doing the extra little things make a big difference.

There’s No Traffic

Mark J frequently points out that it’s not crowded on the extra mile, because most people don’t go there.  It’s work people; that’s why it’s called NetWORK Marketing. If you think you can build a business by pointing and clicking, using some fancy-dancy system, or have someone read “the magical tell all ebook,” you are road kill, toast, deep-six, not a chance.  Interestingly enough there is no road kill on the extra mile, because there is no traffic.

Where is the Extra Mile?

Go90Grow has been in such high demand that mark j is going to run another class in May 2012, and you can learn all about it for free starting soon.  We will have some videos to share with you and your team, and webcast times and dates will be announced shortly after that.


If you want to be among to first to hear about the times and dates, we’ll let you know real soon, just leave your email address here

Remember, the only people that you will meet on the extra mile are the successful ones, we hope to see you there.

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